The Lingerie Information to the Universe

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Lingerie does for a girl’s body what seasoning does for meals. Simply because the spices and herbs enhances the flavour of meals, corsets, bustier, robes, attractive bras and thongs enhances the visible results of a girl’s body. I do not know what primitive man first found including herbs and spices to meals, however, God bless him. Do not get me fallacious… I consider meals may be fairly tasty with out spices; nonetheless, it’s even higher with them. Identical for lingerie erotische lingerie


Lingerie accentuates the form of a girl. Girls are stunning on their very own, however lingerie can provide that further kick that makes them bubble with flavors by no means earlier than imagined.


As I considered that, I spotted I had simply made a connection between lingerie and meals. How odd, what a wierd connection when you consider it. Is there any actual connection between lingerie and meals? What about every part else within the universe? I feel lingerie is linked with your complete universe, and I’m out to show it. Let’s check out meals first.

From Lingerie to Meals:

1) Lingerie

free T-shirt manufactured from cotton, polyester, nylon or diaphanous chiffon that may be worn like a Babydoll.


[Synthesis / Alcoholic transesterification] ethylene glycol (doubly alcohol-terminated). Multifunctional monomers (i.e., glycerol) lead to cross-linking


Glycerin is utilized in glycerin cleaning soap, in cosmetics and lotions, in meals, in chemistry, and in glycerin mist.

Therefore we come to meals

2) Lingerie

French language, for girls’s undergarments. These clothes are eroticised in Western tradition.




[Other paraphilias] sitophilia: sexual arousal from meals.

And right here we’re at meals once more.

three) Lingerie

Merry widow

Merry widow -backed hook-and-eye flange, and the entire garment was lined with nylon voile. 9 lengthy spiral wires have been cased in black


[Historical uses] conspiracy theorists surmise that hashish sativa was made unlawful as a result of the fibres from the hemp plant, used for materials


hemp (Hashish sativa”) as a supply of oil, meals, fibre, and many others. Yep, again to meals once more.

There you go, not less than 3 ways lingerie is linked to meals. What about different issues?
Effectively, why not begin with a few of the apparent ones like intercourse:

Lingerie to Intercourse:

1) Lingerie

derived from the French language, for girls’s undergarments. These clothes are closely eroticised in Western tradition.


[History / Present day] not less than in promoting. Intercourse grew to become the principle promoting level, bringing to fruition a pattern that had been constructing since not less than the flapper period


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